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Please read everything Its important !!!

  • The to my poser tubes, belongs to me alone !

  • My poser tubes may only be used for your private enjoyment !

  • You may create with them what ever you please ( Pictures, Avatare, Awards, Banners )
    what ever you like . You can give your created work away as a
    present - you do
    not need my permission for that!

  • It is not necessary to post the copy right of the tubes, on you created pictures

  • You may create letters and offer them for download, in that case a link back
    would be nice but it not a must

  • You may not represent my Tubes as your own

  • You may not offer my Tubes on your web site for download

  • It is not allowed to change the file name of my tubes, nor remove the copy right!

  • You also may not offer my tubes in exchange groups

  • If you use my tubes in tutorials, you may not offer them in the material for download, instead offer a link to my site

  • If you own a group of creators, you may offer one or the other tube for the lesson, the person using it is then responsible for the tube


  • Please do not copy my ideas of certain tube creations and use them on your
    own made poser tubes, and then offer them for download on your own
    that is Idea Theft !!

  • Please respect my copy right !!


Time does not allow me to answer all the requests for certificates
so I have created one for you
you may take one if you like



If you want to download my tubes, you have to register
it does not hurt * smile *

Heartfelt greetings from SpringAngel ( Kerstin )

If you want to link my site, feel free to take one of my banners
With you
( click left to save it )


Read and accepted